White paper Number Masking

Number masking is the process by which certain data elements of a data warehouse are changed, changing its information but getting the structure to remain similar, so that sensitive information is protected. Number masking ensures that sensitive customer information is not available outside of the production environment . It is a technique especially in situations such as user training or software testing.

Benefits of number masking by IVR Technology:

  • ● Reduces the risk of data breach and compliance by protecting sensitive and private data.
  • ● Reduce development costs thanks to the fact that less effort is required to mask data..
  • ● Accelerates the time to market by increasing the quality of development and testing.

Number masking Services provided by IVR:

  • ● Accuracy for data privacy laws Combinations of personal, health or credit information may remain anonymous to comply with complex cross-border privacy laws and regulations.
  • ● Powerful masking and encryption features A range of masking and encryption functions is repeatable between systems to ensure that business processes are reliable and accurate. Preserving the format during encryption ensures that the application's data model remains intact.
  • ● Performance The high-speed dynamic masking engine ensures that no impact on user performance occurs. Persistent data masking can be scaled to mask terabytes of data for large analytics, outsourcing and testing projects.
  • ● Function-based masking Depending on the location and function, dynamic data masking adapts to data privacy and security policies that vary depending on the user's location.
  • ● Data connectivity Long-term legacy in data management and integration have been developed to mask the numbers.