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Best IVR Service Provider in Meerut for Business

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is an automated solution the human operator automatically receives the incoming calls through the IVR system. IVR number -IVR number or Virtual number is assigned to the user so that all customer incoming calls can connect with the agent

IVR service provider in Meerut

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system helps to increase in business with fewer employees at low prices. IVR system manages inbound outbound call flows without any manual work. It ensures quality and productivity in work and makes the working style smooth. It is Cloud Based Telephony Services Provider in Meerut. IVR system has unique features. Every feature has good functional quality.

IVR guru features

IVR GURU has some unique features:

  • • Auto Leads Assignment - IVR system can manage all calls flow.
  • • Report-The user can download a report through the IVR system.
  • • User Wise Dashboard Option – The user can see all details on the dashboard.
  • • Download Recording - The user can download the recording with voice quality.
  • • Lead Capture–The IVR system also provides a lead to capture function.
  • • Maintain Client Profile-The user can maintain the client profile also.
  • • Follow Up–There is another beneficial feature Follow-up.
  • • Call Recording–All calls will be recorded in the system automatically.
  • • Follow-up Notifications-The user can set follow-up notifications also.
  • • History Report -The user can see the history report also.
  • • Working With Lead-The users can work on leads smartly through the IVR system.
  • • Agent Forwarding-There is a unique option of Agent forwarding in the IVR system.
  • • Lead IVR Feature (StickyClient Searching-This feature can help in searches in client details.
  • • Lead IVR Feature (Sticky)-The user can use the sticky agent feature to connect the call with the same human operator whom you had contacted earlier.

Benefits of IVR System

IVR system helps in both small and large types of businesses. There are the following benefits of IVR Systems:

Save time and cost

  • • IVR system manages inbound outbound calls flow at one time.
  • • IVR solution helps to provide workability in prospect time without any manual work.
  • • IVR for Small businesses always is result-oriented.

Customer Satisfaction

  • • IVR solution provides quality and customer satisfaction.
  • • IVR Guru provides cloud-based services in Meerut. It's the best IVR service provider in Meerut.

24*7 Service Provider

  • • Our team gives 24*7 support service to their customers.

100% Result Oriented-

  • IVR Guru managed all types of businesses like small or large (Call centre, pharmacy, Reseller, Real estate, Hotel, Restaurant, Beauty salon, Retail, School /institution, NGO, etc.).IVR guru proved 100% result-oriented in its services..

Now IVR in Meerut and maximum businesses are looking for IVR Marketing services. Here IVR guru is providing quality service with good features.

Who can use an IVR?

IVR is a telepathy technology that helps small or large businesses to grow in the market. IVR solution helps to increase the revenue at a reasonable price.

IVR deals in all types of business-like.

Hotel, School / Colleges, Clinic, Real estates, Beauty Salon, Reseller, Call Centres (KPO, BPO), Bank, Insurance company, Hospital, Pharmacy, Retails, much more businesses that are using IVR Solutions to grow their business at reasonable price.