Best IVR Service Provider in Gujarat

Best IVR Service Provider in Gujarat for small Business

IVR stands for Interactive Voice response that connects the user with the customer through a telephonic system. As per the Indian economic survey, many start-ups are running online and building up their business without any employees. It is proved result-oriented. The only IVR system is the best technology in the market that can help you grow/build your business. IVR system can help to manage the incoming call flow without any human. Now IVR Service provider is in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Interactive Voice Response Systems price is very reasonable in Ahmedabad. Grab the opportunity to grow your business at a fast pace.

"How does IVR System works?

Virtual Number (IVR Number) - Virtual number can be a mobile number or toll-free number. You may buy through a vendor or use your private number as a virtual number/IVR Number for IVR service.

DID - DID stand for Direct Inward Dialing. A particular DID is assigned on the virtual number to connect calls to customers through the IVR system."

IVR system can manage multiple calls flows at once. Here IVR guru is the best IVR service provider in Gujarat. IVR system is beneficial for many small businesses i.e., Restaurants, salons, studios, schools & colleges, manufacturing, Retail, Hospital & Clinics, real estate, Pharmacy, Consultancy, BPO & KPO, E-commerce, etc.

There is much more business that uses IVR guru services.

These days the market is going to digitalize. We all prefer door service providers. No one wants to go outside to get groceries, kitchen appliances, home decor, etc. All services are available online to provide us with all material at home. It makes our life so easy. If we talk about the medical / Hospital, all services are available online. You can dial the service contact number to get quick service at home. IVR Guru makes it easy for the business to run online. It provides prompt service to customers. Finding a good IVR service provider is very difficult in India. Now IVR service provider is available in Surat; why are you thinking so much? Go and Google it to grab such the fastest service online.

IVR guru has unique features

IVR GURU has unique features:

  • • Auto Leads Assignment - IVR system wok automatically itself. You do not require to initiate call leads manually.
  • • Report - Customer can see the report i.e., weekly/monthly/quarterly, or else you may download the report accordingly.
  • • User Wise Dashboard Option – Customer can customize the IVR system accordingly.
  • • Download Recording - Customer can download the recording.
  • • Lead Capture – There is another feature leads to capture.
  • • Maintain Client Profile - this system maintains the client profile easily.
  • • Follow Up – This system also provides the option of Follow-up; you can easily take a follow-through system.
  • • Call Recording – IVR system has good features of call recording with voice quality.
  • • Follow-up Notifications – There is an option of follow-up notification which you can use accordingly.
  • • History Report - You can see the history report.
  • • Working With Lead - Customer can work on leads through portals.
  • • Agent Forwarding - There is an option of agent forwarding.
  • • Client Searching - IVR system has a searching option.
  • • Lead IVR Feature (Sticky)


Every call inbound outbound can be recorded for quality prospects. And you check missed calls and download data reports through IVR panel. IVR Guru is a Cloud Based Telephony Services Provider in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

What are you looking for to grow your business?

This unique service is available at a low price in Gujarat. Contact now or go to our website to take premium service. We work with our clients to grow their business. We are running our service across India. IVR Guru has multiple clients. We established Trust, Quality, and Punctuality in service that makes us unique in the leading market. IVR Guru is one of the best services providing company in all over India.

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