Best IVR System for Small Businesses India

IVRguru is a powerful small business phone system. You can get toll-free numbers and an auto attendant to answer calls 24/7 along with many other features. With IVRguru IVR System you can monitor your calls precisely. you can find all your call logs with details like Department, Caller Name, Client Number, Call Status, Date and Time, Total Call Duration, and Total Call Cost.

There is much functionality that allows the configuration to adapt to the peculiarities of each company. The most commonly used are:Benefits of Missed Call Services :

IVR for small Business

Locutions: Allow the company to introduce recordings to welcome, report incidents, automatically answer very frequent questions, etc.
Menus of options: So that each call can be diverted to the person, headquarters, department etc. more suitable to serve her wherever she is.
Groups of jump : Normally, this type of switchboards allow to define totally the route of call so that if a number is busy it jumps to another one, calls to several numbers at the same time are launched, etc.
Call transfer: to transfer calls from one extension to another.
Management by schedules: They allow the number to behave differently depending on the day or time, for example that calls outside working hours go directly to a mailbox or an informative locution.
Caller ID: the person receiving the call can identify that the call arrives from the company number, including the options menu option that the caller has pressed.
Call recording : to resolve conflicts or control the attention provided Additional advantages in A Virtual Number for Your Small Business Phone Service are:
1.Mobility, since it is possible to receive and transfer calls on any line of the company, regardless of where it is located.
2.Efficiency in the delivery of calls since these will be received by the person or the corresponding department.
3.Professional image, since we can always give an answer, even if it is automated to the users who call us.
4.Flexibility to modify the configuration in seconds through the Web.
5.Total control of the telephone service provided, thanks to the powerful statistics and call recording systems that these switchboards usually include