Best IVR Service Provider in Lucknow

Best IVR Service Provider in Lucknow for small Business

IVR GURU possesses an outstanding IVR Service provider. It will provide you with the best IVR services that are key-effective in service and are available at reasonable prices. It will enable you to talk to experts as per the options selected. It is open for twenty-four hours for its valuable customers. Currently, it is the best IVR service provider in Lucknow.

Customers can connect with the same agent again with IVR technology. It has an automatic alert system with missed call alerts so that there is no possibility to message calls by chance. Also, it is a messaging collaboration software that allows you to run data analytics and encourages reporting and much more. IVR solution may be available with a high cost and more features or less cost and fewer features. But this IVR system is available with more features and less price. This IVR system will represent an attractive and successful image of the company.

IVR service provider in Lucknow

IVR Guru will help you to manage the large call volumes at the same time, boost productivity, and focus on building a brand value of an organization. Your company’s image will be represented professionally and attractively and thus will generate sales rate of your company. Also, the customers will be welcome along with warm greetings and courtesy. Instead of hiring and paying for call centers for a large number of resources, if you invest here, it will turn out to be a cost-effective and fruitful result. Our company is providing budget-friendly and result in effective IVR service in Lucknow.

We serve technology-based IVR systems with quality features to manage call flow automatically with fewer employees.IVR Guru has covered all metropolitan cities. At present, an IVR system solution provider is available in Lucknow. These days startups are taking help to grow their business with fewer employees. IVR Guru is the best solution provider in the leading market to run a business cost-effectively and with its result-oriented system.

IVR GURU has unique features

IVR GURU has unique features:

  • • Auto Leads Assignment - IVR system wok automatically itself. You do not require to initiate call leads manually.
  • • Report - Customer can see the report i.e., weekly/monthly/quarterly, or else you may download the report accordingly.
  • • User Wise Dashboard Option – Customer can customize the IVR system accordingly.
  • • Download Recording - Customer can download the recording.
  • • Lead Capture – There is another feature leads to capture.
  • • Maintain Client Profile - this system maintains the client profile easily.
  • • Follow Up – This system also provides the option of Follow-up; you can easily take a follow-through system.
  • • Call Recording – IVR system has good features of call recording with voice quality.
  • • Follow-up Notifications – There is an option of follow-up notification which you can use accordingly.
  • • History Report - You can see the history report.
  • • Working With Lead - Customer can work on leads through portals.
  • • Agent Forwarding - There is an option of agent forwarding.
  • • Client Searching - IVR system has a searching option.
  • • Lead IVR Feature (Sticky)