IVR Service Provider Mumbai

As everyone knows that IVR services are part of modernization and digitization. In this competitive market position, we are blessed to announce that we are one of the best IVR service providers in Mumbai and we have our branches across all over the INDIA. We are serving IVR services to our clientele for several years. We did not just sell our services but also we consult our clients with proper guidance for every single customer then only we ask them to decide to buy these IVR services from us.

We always believe in practicality. Our service is one milestone that will reduce your companies budget for the long term. There are many companies that can’t invest in money on technology but these companies invest their money on the right technology such as IVR. IVR is an Interactive Voice Response. A technology where human interaction with a computer through voice and inputs from the keypad. The main advantage of this IVR service is to save money, time and labor cost. It includes various services such as Hosted IVR, Voice SMS, Click-To-Call, Virtual Number, Toll-Free Number, Multi-Level IVR, Call Center, Turn Key, Call Conferencing, Auto Dialer Service, Missed Call Service, Voice OTP etc. and many more which helps to automate your daily activity:

Let’s find out what are the features of IVR Services:

  • You will get your own unique virtual mobile or landline number with the integration of IVR.
  • You will get connect with your customers by using their native language by just changing the Unicode system.
  • You will get super voice quality without getting any external disturbance to get the options like give greetings to your customers in their unique way with music on hold.
  • You are allowed to take advantage of our user-friendly application interface of the IVR integration portal.
  • Parallel/Round Robin.
  • You are able to record all voice all, the proper inbuilt system to monitor your calls and our special feature is that our system allows to black-list any number at any time.

The benefit of our IVR Services:

  • The IVR system helps them to boost their productivity with automated calls and answering the mock calls.
  • By enabling the IVR system in an organization will reflect and helps to create your brand value and image in a professional way and this will leads to attracting customers.
  • IVR System is an amazing cost reduction factor and will help to increase your revenue by doing more marketing campaigns and other promotional activities.
  • You can reach your customers at any time and anywhere with proper company information