Best IVR Service Provider in gurgaon

Best IVR Service Provider in Gurgaon for your Business

In this era, good connectivity with the customer is necessary to lead in the market to increase business and keep in regular touch with your audience that is mandatory for running a successful business.

IVR GURU is a leading company in the digital market that provides quality and professional commitment to its services across Haryana Region.

What is IVR service?

IVR (Interactive Voice Recorder) is a telepathy technology that helps in incoming and outgoing calls through the telephonic system. And the vendor can connect with desired customers directly, making the work easy and effective.

Ivr guru is a cloud-based telephony services provider in Gurgaon that provides quality and fast-based services to its customers. These days many leading businesses are using IVR, i.e., Hospitals & clinics, Hotels & restaurants, BPO, salons, Schools, Institutes, Real Estates, Resellers, and Elections. You can use a virtual phone number to answer and forward multiple calls at a moment. We are glad to be known as the best IVR service provider in Gurgaon & we can assist you in running a business and managing incoming call flow smoothly.

The benefit of virtual Numbers:

  • • Get a virtual number locally from any city
  • • Help to establish the business in a cost-effective way
  • • Help to establish trust and professionalism
  • • Allow participants in large volume
  • • High level of the Compliance processVirtual Receptionist
  • IVR Guru is a service that boosts up your business in a fast way. There are the following criteria of IVR Guru:

  • Call Forwarding – You can acquire a virtual DID number; it can be one or more and then request the forwarding of this calls on any number or multiple contact numbers.
  • Flexible multichannel – You can manage the channel according to call volume. If you are receiving a high-volume call, you can expand multiple channels according to your requirement. IVR Guru can provide maximum efficiency of incoming calls.
  • Blocking calls by number - IVR GURU provides the rights in the panel to block the incoming call number. You can decide who can call you or who cannot call you, or else you can also give callers the option to leave a voicemail message.
  • Data Management – You can drive your data accordingly through your panel and pull the work report also. This option is available in IVR GURU Service only.
  • Call summary - You can download the call summary data through the portal (Incoming calls data, missed calls data & incoming calls recording, etc.)
  • User-Friendly Portal - You can use IVR GURU from anywhere in the country. It is a user-friendly service through it, you can see your work report through mobile also.
  • Why do you choose IVR GURU?

    IVR GURU is the best leading service provider agency in Gurgaon. We believe in providing fast and quality service to our customers. We aim to understand our customer's requirements to manage their incoming calls in a short time with fewer employees.

    We have been providing service in the market for the last ten years. Our customer trust is our strength. You want to grow your business and manage your incoming calls volume, contact now to IVR GURU.