Best IVR Service Provider in Delhi

Best IVR Service Provider in Delhi for your Business

IVR GURU is the best cloud base telephony company, IVR service provider in Delhi offers premium web based service that simply gets rid of the price and responsibilities. We are one of the best IVR service Provider in Delhi. We have grown in a very short time to be one of India’s leading IVR companies in Delhi.

IVR GURU is a Cloud Based Telephony Services that provides business solutions that Enhanced customer calling experience with best IVR service in Delhi. IVR GURU comes with some advanced features like Toll-free number, live panel, voice calling, Bulk SMS, CRM integration, Virtual Phone number etc. Using IVR, customers can speak to the agents in their local language 24hours.

IVR service provider in Delhi

These days IVR service is on-demand due to pandemics. And currently, maximum businesses are running remotely where IVR service is proved beneficial to run a business with fewer employees in a result-oriented way.

What is IVR?

IVR (Interactive voice response) is a technology that permits the caller to interact with an operator who can operate the incoming calls system through the voice call and DTMF by given option in the portal. IVR Guru has been functioning in the market for the last 13 years. It is the best IVR service provider in Delhi. It is leading in multiple businesses. i.e., hospitals, Restaurants, Call center's, Clinics, Schools & Colleges, etc.

IVR GURU has its unique features :

  • • Auto Leads Assignment - There is an option for auto lead assignment. You don't require assigning the lead manually.
  • • Report – You can generate the details according to the required data.
  • • User Wise Dashboard Option – There are all options available in the dashboard.
  • • Download Recording – There is an option to download call recordings.
  • • Lead Capture – You can see all leads in your report.
  • • Maintains Client Profile – You can maintain all client profiles.
  • • Follow Up - There is an option to take follow-ups through the panel.
  • • Call Recording - You can record all incoming calls automatically.
  • • Follow-up Notifications - There is an option of follow-up notifications.
  • • History Report – You can check history details in the panel.
  • • Working With Lead – You can check your leads and work on them.
  • • Agent Forwarding – You can apply agent forwarding in the panel.
  • • Client Searching – You can search your client details easily.
  • • Lead IVR Feature (Sticky) – There is an option of sticky agent (Leads IVR features)
  • • Google Adwords Report – You can check the Google Adwords report also.