Terms & Condition

All payments are to be made in favour of Deetya Soft Pvt. Ltd.

All taxes, levies, octroi etc applicable at prevailing rates from time to time.

Minimum Contract Period is for 12 months from the date of execution of this CRF / contract. Customer needs to pay full 12 months charges if he decides to terminate the contract within the given contract period. Contract renews automatically after 12 months, unless either party terminates the same by giving 30 days written notice.

Notice period for termination of any services, either partially / fully shall be the agreed payment term or 30 days whichever is less.

The Standard delivery period of services is 2 weeks from the date of acceptance of CRF by Deetya Soft Pvt Ltd. The same however is subject to the mutually agreed delivery lead times during CRF acceptance stage.

If bills are unpaid for more than 4 days, services shall be deactivated.

Tollfree (18001234277), DIDs number provided to your company by us will not be used in any illegal activity. You and your company are liable for these numbers.

DID number provided to your company by us will not be used directly in any campaign or any other activity; you have to use your mobile number or any other number to receive direct calls.