Call management for Finance Sector

As everyone knows that generally IVR – Interactive Voice Response systems are widely used for inbound calls which are gets navigated to human agents to solve the customer query, problems, doubts, etc. This is also one of the call center technology used by many working sectors. The main purpose of IVR is used for call management service. Call management is a process that helps to implement and design inbound telephone calls governs by the routing through the network. These calls are gets routed as per calling features within the designed system.

We provide various services for banking and financial services. This technology is used to fulfill multiple purposes across multiple communication channels with Accounting, Tax Specialists, Managed Funds, Investment Property, Superannuation, Financial Planning, Financial Advice, Credit Unions and reputed banks. We really understand their real-time requirements, problems they faced because the information delivered by the human agents to their customers is very critical and important. So, it’s very important to maintain security, robustness, user-friendly interface and many more with this we help to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our core and specific services for financial sectors are Call Recording, Predictive Dialler, Automated Speech Recognition, Predictive Dialler, Interactive Voice Response, and Automatic Call Distribution. Let’s see what are the benefits you will get when you purchased this call management services for your organization is as follows:
  • You will get real-time and historical activity management performance reports
  • Management activity reports of remote VPN and smart devices
  • You will get real-time and historical contact center reports
  • You will get data analytics with graphical and statistical representation
  • You are able to do live call mentoring and call recording with reports.