IVR - Hospitals

The systems usage in hospitals has increased only over the past few years. IVR Solutions can be used in various hospitals to reduce the waiting time of the callers. An IVR system allows callers to obtain data with ease. Hospitals and Clinics can use an IVR system to allow their callers to receive access their test results. This information is easily handled by the IVRS while preserving the privacy of the caller. This way the user can be assured of avoiding any potential embarrassment of leakage of sensitive information or test results. .

A sophisticated IVRS application can be used in Indian hospitals for patient enrollment, inventory and logistic management administration and to collect data.

Today hospitals are in a race to adopt IVRS/IVR technology in their premises and incorporate it in all of their functionaries. The functionality covered by the IVRS in the hospitals incorporates:
  • Enrollment of Patients.
  • Patient diary maintenance.
  • Dispensing and allotment of medications.
  • Follow up visits.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Inventory & Logistic Management (for supplies and allocation of medical devices).
  • Automated call-out reminder system and task schedulers.
  • Healthcare resources and pecuniary utilization.