Virtual Phone Number in Noida

IVR Guru provides Virtual Phone Number in Noida and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Services that gives automatic answer in organizations for enhancing telephonic conversations based in Noida/NCR region .

IVR Guru while focusing Lead Management provides various types of tools that are very accommodating services like Tracking, Virtual Phone Number, Generation, Distribution and many more extra quality.

The concept of Virtual Phone Number is in wide use as it is the procedure of routing calls to user's actual phone numbers. Virtual Phone Numbers Noida is very useful in enabling long distance telephone routes without investing any extra charges.

Virtual Phone Number mechanism is on the basis of concepts like Voice over IP and IP Telephony wherein a Virtual Number is assigned for a explicit area code to the customer by vendor. Whenever you like someone dials that Virtual Number for the particular area code then registers maps and call is connected to the actual phone or mobile number.