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IVR Virtual Number are one Mobile number that chosen by company's for there customer and customer contact the company with given number. How is function virtual number in backend ? the customer calling on virtual number and the number forwarded to Company executive by some processor like customer hear first when they call like (Welcome to xyz company) then press 1 for sales, Press 2 for technical department, Press 3 for admin department. then the customer reach there right department in few second. After the call end customer and executive are receive sms notification like (you are talked with (name of executive or company )

IVR guru Virtual Number is affordable and providing all features. Our price is starting at 7200/Years with 5000 Free Minutes plus customized panel, DTMF Tone, 15 Channels, Call recording, 10 Department and more.. For more details Call our executive and take plane, according to your business requirement. !

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  • Virtual Number Service
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  • Click To Call Service
  • Auto Dialer
  • SMS/Email Campaign Service

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