Toll Free Number Provider in india

Toll Free Number Service Provider in India

If you are running a business organization, no matters its small or large, and your business depends upon communication to give edge your business in the market. Toll-free can be right solution for you. Toll-free numbers enable customers to connect with your business organization without charging the cost to the customer because business organization will bear the cost.

What is a Toll-free Number?

Toll-free numbers are the number that begins with prefix number “1800” followed by six digits provided by network service provider. Toll-free numbers provide an easy and effective way of communication with the organization to existing or potential customers. Toll-free numbers are the most convenient way for customer calling.

Kinds of Toll-free Number

Based on serving the common purpose-to allow customers to communicate with business without paying the cost, there are three types of Toll-free numbers, although there are meticulous differences between all three.

1. Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

Universal International Freephone Number (UFIN):- UIFN is a worldwide toll-free number that begins with prefix number “800”. UFIN is issued by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The business organizations that have successfully establish their business in multiple countries uses the UFIN as their toll-free number to connect with their customers.

2. International Toll-free Number (ITFN)

International Toll-free Number (ITFN) is simply a domestic toll-free number which enables your oversees customer to connect with your business without paying any cost.

3. Domestic Toll-free Number (DTF)

The customers of organization having a national presence prefer Domestic toll-free numbers (DTF) to raise their query/concern and ask their query directly without bearing any cost.

How Toll-free Number and IVR works together?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which let computers interacts with human. By this technology an secure interaction is being created between a caller and a server via telephone. Integration of Toll-free numbers with IVR creates a user-friendly communication platform.

When a customer calls at Toll-free number, the calls routed through the cloud service provider’s server and transferred to the right department after pressing the particular key of their device.

Step 1

Customer calls at Toll free No.

Step 2

Calls lands at IVRGURU’s Server

Step 3

Caller is welcomed through IVR

  • • Press 1 for accounts
  • • Press 2 for sales
  • • Press 3 for support
  • Toll Free Number Provider in India
    Toll Free Number Provider in India

    Toll-free number follows these steps of working:

    • • Customer calls at the company’s toll-free number
    • • Call gets landed at cloud service provider’s server like IVRGURU.
    • • The caller is then Welcomed with IVR followed by a welcome tone. It gives multiple options to caller to connect with different departments like accounts, sales and support.
    • • After pressing the right option, the server makes an outbound call to the agents of the concerned departments.

    International implementations of Toll-free numbers

    • • In Australia, the toll-free prefix is "1800" followed by a six-digit number
    • • In Hungary, toll-free numbers have the "80" prefix.
    • • In Nepal the prefix is 1660-01-XXXXX.
    • • In Pakistan, toll-free numbers have the format "0800-xxxxx".

    How to Get a Toll-free Number

    Getting a toll-free number is very simple, first you have to choose a leading Toll-free service provider like IVRGURU, IVRGURU is best toll-free service provider in India, select your toll-free number from the list provided by IVRGURU, port it to local number after purchasing it and its done. There are not any costly equipment or set-up cost involved in the process. IVRGURU will do scaling for you as per your need. So, you need not worry about the high demands in your growing business.

    Why your Business must have Toll-free Number

    The reason of buying the toll-free number is its endless benefits. Few of them include:

    1. To Improve Customer satisfaction and building trust

    A toll-free number helps customer to connect with business organization without bearing any cost. Customer can easily reach to the concerned person by simply dialing the toll-free number and can raise their concern or ask queries directly, it builds trust among customers.

    2. Strengthens Brand Image

    Irrespective of the size of your business organization, the Toll-free number can be used easily. Toll-free numbers work great for all kind of business organization whether it is small or large business organization, whether it is Government organization or private organization, whether it is national or multinational organization.

    Posting a toll-free number on your website and showing it on your advertisements makes a strong brand image in the mind of your customer and make it more reliable and robust.

    3. Cost-effective

    Toll-free numbers are very cost effective, there is no set up or installation cost involved in the process. Many service providers i.e. IVRGURU offers toll-free numbers at affordable monthly plans. To know more contact our sales team.

    4. 24*7 Availability and scalability

    Your customer can reach you even after the business hours. Your client never feels ignored or kept on waiting their call for long time because of its scalability feature. As per demand, business can add more channels and manage all surplus calls.

    5. Portable

    Moving to a new geographical location doesn’t matter with a toll-free number, businesses need not switch to another number while relocating its business, the same toll-free number can be used for seamless business communications

    6. A Good Marketing Tool

    By displaying different toll-free numbers for each of your marketing campaigns and analyse which number works best for your business helps as a good marketing tool. It helps organisation to collect customer feedback and survey instantly.

    7. Expands Business Reach

    Customers can reach to organisation without charging any cost to them and without considering the place of their calling, they can call from any part of the country, which expands business reach.

    8. Easy to remember

    One of the strong benefits of toll-free number is that they are unique and easy to remember. Customers likes to retain your number when it’s easy to memorize.

    Toll-free numbers are usually begin with prefixes such as 1800 number followed by three digits which are provided by the network operator.

    Helps In Searching New Customer

    With a toll-free number you can attract new callers, new leads and drive sales. Toll-free number helps in measuring the phone traffic, call duration and other important things.

    Things keep in mind while purchasing Toll-free numbers

    • • The type of your business organization.
    • • Number should be easy to remember that represents your business.
    • • Toll-free numbers should be affordable to your business.
    • • Choosing the right toll-free number from a variety of available numbers of different kinds.
    • • Choosing the right service provider and their plans.
    • • Volume of your calls from customer/clients.
    • • Customer service quality and customer reviews of the provider.

    FAQ on toll-free Numbers

      1. What are toll-free numbers?

    • Toll free numbers are the business numbers wherein all the charges are borne by the organization not by the customers. They can reach out to you for FREE. The numbers start with 1800. To know more about our toll-free numbers, call us on 09015350505.
    • 2. I already have a toll-free number for my business. What should I do?

      There are two solutions to this.

      First Method: IVRGURU will provide you the DID with you which you need to map with the Toll-Free number. Once done, your calls on your Toll-Free number will now be routed to the service developed and provided by IVRGURU

      Second Method: Toll free numbers are portable and therefore, you can easily port your number with IVRGURU.

      For more information, you can call us on 09015350505

    • 3. Is there any difference between a toll-free number and a local number?

      In toll free numbers, the caller will not bear the charges of calling, instead your company will bear the charges for all the incoming calls, whereas in local numbers, the caller will bear that cost for calling. For more information, you can call us on 09015350505
    • 4. How are toll free numbers allotted?

      IVRGURU maintains an inventory of Toll-Free numbers. You can choose the number of your choice by connecting with our sales executives. Yet if the shared Toll Free number list is not as per your choice, IVRGURU will connect with Telecom Service Provider and share a new list of Toll Free numbers with you. For more information, call us on 09015350505.
    • 5. Can I have more than one toll-free number in my business?

      Yes, you can have as many as toll-free numbers as you want. And it is simple to purchase it from IVRGURU.
    • 6. Are toll-free number are tied to specific location?

      No, toll-free number comes with the facility of portability and they are not tied to a specific location. You can use the same or old toll-free number on a new geographical location.
    • 7. How are toll free numbers beneficial for my company?

      Toll free numbers are extremely beneficial for organizations. Some benefits are as below:
      • • Boost sales
      • • Boost customer satisfaction
      • • Enhance your brand image
      • • Streamline your communication
      • • Easily portable
      • • Flexible call routing
      • • Enhance your marketing strategy, etc.
    • 8. Who can use a toll-free number?

      Irrespective of the size of your business organization, the Toll-free number can be used easily by any organization. Toll-free numbers work great for all kind of business organization whether it is small or large business organization, whether it is Government organization or private organization, whether it is national or multinational organization.
    • 9. How can I purchase a toll-free number for my organization?

      You can purchase Toll-free by signing up @ or call us on 09015350505 or write us at Which types of documents, you have to submit with IVRGURU while purchasing the Toll-free number?.

      You need to submit following documents for purchasing the toll-free number from IVRGURU:

      • 1. Certificate of Incorporation/GST certificate of your business organisation
      • 2. Copy of ID proof of person authorize to purchase the Toll-free no
      • 3. Copy of address proof of person authorize to purchase the Toll-free no
    • 10. Which service providers are leading in providing toll-Free service?

      IVRGURU is a leading toll-free numbers provider in India. IVRGURU has the exposure of More than 8 years.