Short Code Solutions

Short Code Services

Short codes are used to opt consumers into a company’s marketing program by enabling the consumer to text the keyword to that specific short code in a compliant manner.

Short Code and Long Code (Virtual Mobile Numbers) is called 2 Way SMS solution (VMN) to which your clients or members can send a text SMS starting with a keyword. After accessing our VMN application, you will receive a number on which you will receive messages which can also be forwarded to your server or database.

Shortcodes can be used to pay for certain types of services, like entering TV competitions or voting on reality shows, through your monthly phone bill or balance.

They are a series of numbers, usually around five digits long, which you can call or text to access services which aren't covered by your normal allowances.

The following types of services are normally accessed by short-codes :
  • Sending messages to radio stations.
  • Calling into video chat services.
  • Making low cost calls to international numbers.
  • Entering TV competitions.
  • Voting in TV reality shows.
  • Downloading games to your phone.