Outbound calling solutions

Outbound Call center Solution

Outbound Voice campaigns SMS campaigns are created with a user-friendly web interface panel and is a powerful and cost-effective communication service to reach out to large number of target audience in a short time over the phone.

Bulk voice calls is a tool for marketing and promoting your business or product. It is an automated voice call that has a pre recorded message that is sent to the targeted customer at the same time. You can send the voice message to lakhs of people in a very short time on their mobile phones and landline numbers. The database is created of all the numbers to whom voice calls are sent or need to be sent.

Bulk voice calls are used for promoting the political campaign, generating leads, any reminders, promoting or introducing new service, Announcement, fund raising etc. You can customize the voice calls by recording it from professionals in any language or even record the message in your own voice as it gives customers more personalized experience.

Advantages of using Bulk voice calls:

  • • Cost effective.
  • • High-speed parallel calls
  • • Detailed and real time reports
  • • Schedule your voice calls if you want to play them at particular times.
  • • Pricing plans for Starters, Entrepreneur, Enterprise and High volume.