Long Code Solutions

Long Code Services

Long codes are a fine choice for a company for a few reasons. A long code is an actual 10-digit phone number, which can be appealing if your company is local.

Our features of Long Code Services that best suit your business -

  • Long codes are nothing but a 10 Digit Virtual Mobile Number to which a user can send a text message to interact with applications and get the desired response.
  • It helps you to cut-down the cost of sending SMS to your end users and gives you all features similar to a 5 Digit Short Code Number.
  • Unlike Short codes, which are accessible only in India, SMS Virtual Numbers are globally accessible and an end user can send message to virtual mobile number at normal SMS charges.
  • In case you want to have your own dedicated Long code Bulk SMS (Long code) number then you can choose any premium number and use that as your SMS long code number.
  • SMS Long code will help you to make 2 way SMS gateway for your needs; our cutting edge technology not only makes your communication fast and easy it also helps you to cut down the cost of pulling data from your server