Lead Capture Software

IVR Guru enables you to effectively track, retain and push leads or enquiries through a pre-defined route. From the time the lead enters your IVR Guru Leads Software system, all its information is captured - physical location, contact details, names, where the lead originally came from and more. This lead then becomes subject to a particular process which you can define within your organization for it - it may go to a pre-qualified who will then hand it off to a senior representative to close.
Or it may go into an incubation cycle for a period of time you specify. Think for the best possible way to handle your lead and IVR Guru is there to do that for its customers. At present, we have come forward with lead management solutions for Telemarketing Lead Management, Automotive Lead Management and Trade Show Lead Management. Now let us work for you!

Choose from our range of Cloud Telephony Services that best suit your business -
  • Virtual Number Service
  • Toll Free Number Service
  • Missed Call Number Service
  • Click To Call Service
  • Fax To Email Service
  • SMS/Email Campaign Service

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