IVR Solutions for e-commerce

While self-service is the key to helping customers find information quickly, interactive voice response (IVR) is an essential tool to make it come true. IVR uses speech recognition or tone technology to identify and direct callers to the most qualified agents, which generates greater efficiency in the clients' experience. Below, we present five key benefits of IVR that make it a fundamental technology to create optimal self-service experiences..

Provide more enriching experiences through advanced functions
IVR systems offer many enriching functions that enhance the self-service experience. For example, visual IVR technology allows clients to access visual menus and communicate with agents quickly. The technology also allows customers to queue when necessary, while supporting text to speech in multiple languages, for both incoming and outgoing calls. Therefore, customers receive optimal experiences that adapt to their needs. .

Allow customers to save time
Customers tend lose patience when they are forced to concentrate on long menu lists. Fortunately, one of the great benefits offered by IVR is to allow customers to skip the options they do not need to listen to. In addition, missed calls are more often minimized when said system is implemented, and customers can have the option of callback when their waiting time is too long. Finally, directing calls to agents with the right skills ensures that customers get the answers they need at all times.

Improve the experiences of customers who use mobile devices
As the use of smartphones continues to grow, it is imperative that brands offer a customer service optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, IVR is ideal for customers on the go, allowing them to seek help even when they are in the store. For this reason, IVR plays an important role in boosting sales, since potential customers tend to buy when agents answer their questions efficiently.

Empowering agents to do their best
The efficiency of IVR technology improves the service experience for both clients and agents. When customers are targeted to the most qualified agents, productivity increases, allowing agents to resolve cases more quickly and assist more clients as needed. In addition, when agents are closely related to the roles that fit their abilities, they feel more secure and perform at their best.

Reduce the costs of call centers
Finally, it should be noted that call centers reduce costs when using said system. When an efficient IVR system is implemented, customers make fewer calls, which helps agents spend less time on the expensive voice channel. Visual IVR technology, in particular, costs less to implement than a traditional IVR, which provides information to customers automatically and eliminates the need to offer more training to agents and integrates seamlessly into existing IVR systems.

Geographic barriers are removed
E-commerce allows IVR to reach new markets, both national and global.

Time barriers are eliminated
E-commerce allows IVR to show the offer and generate sales 24 hours a day throughout the year.

In order to offer an excellent service, it is necessary that both employees and customers receive tools for success. With an optimized IVR system, your brand can make every service interaction perfect and at the same time empower your agents to offer the best possible support.