IVR service Provider in Punjab, Ludhiana

IVR service providers in Punjab

IVR stands for Interactive Voice response phone-based technology the caller connects with concern authority. IVR Guru helps like a partner to grow your company/business to the next level! We focus on enhancing your business strategy and customer satisfaction, reducing the cost of labour, and providing interactive voice responses at a reasonable price. We focus on your company's development and productivity with our service and support. We offer the Best IVR solution in Punjab & IVR Service Providers Ludhiana at a reasonable price.

IVR Guru provides good features in services :

IVR Guru provides good features in services

  • • User Wise Dashboard Option.
  • • Leads Assignment.
  • • Download Recording.
  • • Report.
  • • Lead Capture.
  • • Maintain Client Profile.
  • • Call Recording.
  • • Follow-up Notifications.
  • • Follow Up.
  • • Working with Lead.
  • • History Report.
  • • Agent Forwarding.
  • • Lead IVR Feature (Sticky).
  • • Client Searching.

IVR Guru Services are

  • • Music on hold.
  • • User Dashboard.
  • • Calls Routing.
  • • Setup Direct Routing.
  • • Managed Blocked Numbers.
  • • Tone Configuration.
  • • Setup Office Hours.
  • • Virtual number.

IVR Guru also provides virtual numbers and IVR Numbers in Punjab to customize the IVR system. A virtual number can be a mobile number or a Toll-free number.

How does IVR help in business?

In the past maximum large and small businesses were working manually. Eventually, IVR systems increased in the market. Now the companies/businesses are using IVR solutions to grow their business online. Now grocery to shopping apps and companies are using IVR systems to deal with multiple customers calls at once. It connects the customer to the human operator without taking a long time and improves employer productivity.

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