IVR - Schools And Colleges Automation

Our School/Collage Automation IVR application Serviece provides the information about your college to studens, parents and everyone.

IVRGURU IVR has all the features required by any large or smal institution. The can be added on as modules and automation of the overall system will greatly increase productivity.

This automated IVR will dramaticlally impove the efeciency and productivity of the colleges administrative personnel while providing a flex ible and cost-effective service. It is designed in such a manner that it suits best for the students, parents and teachers to be up to date with academic progress and school activities.

IVR : Interactive voice response systems mean calls can be automatically answered with a professional greeting, followed by a list of touch tone menu options. Academies can even set up a separate IVR menu for each school.
Call queues : Queues route calls to the appropriate department. If a member of the department goes on a break, or is in a meeting they can easily remove themselves from the queue to stop their phone from ringing
Ring groups : IGroups are a great way for schools to handle calls amongst a team or department. The admin office might want to set up a ring group where the Headteacher is called, followed by the Deputy, and the the secretary and so on.
Opening hours routing : Academies can set call routing hours on a per school basis. After hours calls can be directed to your voicemail box.