IVR - Hospitality

Ours IVR system for hospitality & travel is according to industry's requirements and our well experienced and dedicated team work with advanced technology to develop a flexible platform to boost customer experience and trust of organization. Through our innovative channels and emerging platform, the hospitality and travel industries can be able to entice an audience of mobile device, application, loyalty programs and personalized services. As growing competition, everybody wants something special when it comes to successful business. We render interactive voice response software for hospitality & travel to make the voice processing simple.

Various industries are now facing the stimulating opportunities and multifaceted challenges of catering an adapted and constant caller experience. So, our user-friendly and feasible interactive voice response for hospitality & travel suit totally to demand of following industries. They can use our perceptive IVRS tool kit for hospitality & travel to keep the procedure ongoing, making also greater business imperative to delight travelers.

• Airline / Railways / Bus Stations Arrival/Departure timingsReservation Status Tele-booking.

• Banks/Financial Institutions Auto attendant Account statusBalance Amount in the account Loan information etc.

• Telemarketing Market divisions of Industrial units.

• Tele-survey Market research organizations•Hotels Auto attendant ReservationRoom availability status.

• Retail stores Tele-ordering / Tele-information.

• Stock market Shares information.