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Email Service Proposal

In reference to the discussion on Deetya Soft Email Service, below is the mail proposal describing the service offering and commercials.

Emails for businesses are customized messages that are sent to communicate a wide variety of information like transaction alerts, product information, policy changes, offers, and Newsletter’s.

Email marketing can be used to augment company’s marketing strategy by using email messages to promote products, educate customers, and encourage sales.

The Purpose of Email Marketing is to reach your customers quickly and increase business immediately. When used as part of a marketing strategy, emails can:

  • • Quickly and easily share information with customers
  • • Be Used to gather marketing data for analytics
  • • Customized according to customer needs & preferences

With this service, we are going to offer E-mail Service to our enterprise customers in below categories-

Automation Emails
  • • Subscriber Welcome Email
  • • Internal/ Offer Updates
Tansactional Emails
  • • Confirmation Email
  • • Thank-You Email
  • • Lead Nurturing Email
Informational Emails
  • • Digital Newsletter
  • • New Content Announcement Email
  • • Product Update Email
  • • Event Invitation
  • • Co-marketing Email
  • • Social Media Send