Cloud Telephony for Startups

Nowadays the IVR services are a symbol of being a part of smart-technology in this competitive digitized world. As you can every now and then the startup companies are getting registered under government compliances. So, for a startup or early startup company or organization investing in the latest technology may not possible or that can’t make a priority to use the latest technology everywhere because of some finance problem or they want to do business at minimum cost with proper planning. One thing the startup can do is they can invest the money in the right technology and this investment will bring more benefits to startups and saves time and efforts. For this purpose, we have specially designed separate plans of Cloud Telephony for startups.

This cloud telephony has multiple features such as one can build their own brand with having their own professional business number, you can add multiple voice greetings as per the requirement, separate integration of CRM, you able to do all call recordings of your customers interaction with the companies employee, various options for daily reports and call monitoring facility. You’re all data and control access in virtually present in the cloud server. You will get your own cloud server when you purchase from us. This cloud telephony will help you t make your communication smother without any disturbance, this cloud system makes communication stronger on one way and two-way communication process and this leads to boost the activities of daily work and the overall business growth.

Some of the Benefits for Cloud Telephony
  • Supports multiple calls at the same time without any disturbance
  • Able to record the interactions for using the analysis tools
  • Very simple and easy to install with proper framework and infrastructure including proper troubleshooting services and maintenance.
  • Very economical so, that without thinking of second thought startups can buy it