Call Management System

A Call Management System tracks, records and makes guests' database helping in better administration of business calls. This productive administration guarantees the present clients can have a powerful discourse with the SME or an association. Additionally, the information followed is a way to reach back to your guests, when required.

Call Management System (CMS) oversees, screens and records all your business calls easily, alongside a database that serves to enhances call client experience and improves your call administration. It likewise enables organizations to enhance the nature of their accessible as needs be client benefit. Along these lines, if your business can speak with your clients betterly, at that point it will guarantee customer's fulfillment, and in the long run prompt upgraded client relationship administration (CRM). (1.)Virtual Numbers: (2.) Call Tracking: (3.) Call Recording: (4.) SMS Marketing: (5.) Call Forwarding: (6.) Toll-free numbers: (7.) RoI Tracking: (8.) Custom IVR

Cost Savings : Track and monitor your business call traffic i.e. the number of calls missed, received and made by your organization.
Scalability : View your business daily call analytical reports.
Technology : Measure and analyse the performance of your agents on calls.
Disaster Recovery :