Call Management for NGO

You might know that NGOs are non-profit organizations. They are totally dependent on government bodies. They play a very important and vital role in our society. NGO’s create an impact by promoting and doing political and social changes, development and community improvements in the society. NGO’s consists of human rights, advocacy, environmental and social activities. So, it’s very important to keep track of the NGOs ’ activity. Nowadays technology is a part of our life. We agree that NGOs may not have sufficient money to buy such emerging technology but they can invest money in smart and proper technology. So, that can get a good amount of value on Return on investment. We are blessed to announce that we provide call management service for NGOs at a very economical cost.

They face a lot of challenges while executing their activities. Since they offer wellness and happiness to the community, they need to create a trustworthy and reliable image to the society to motivate every single individual actively. They face problems during their wellness and happiness programs, helpline numbers for looking legal support and to connect with respective lawyers, problems related to international helpline numbers for reaching out to more people and exploring more working areas.

Let’s find out what are the specific services for NGO’s are as follows:
  • Voicemail for communication purposes.
  • Missed call service for generating support
  • For measuring marketing return on investment on
  • SMS awareness
  • Special number for generating support system
  • IVR systems to collect automated information
  • For doing various campaigning activity
  • Call management services

Since these activities are very useful and important s, it’s very important to have a secure and robust system to execute all your calling activity including you will get