Click To Call Services

Click to call is a facility that is provided to customer to make an call back to the registered number in there panel.

Click to call is a much easier way to access than the conventional free phone systems, faster than email and delivers higher conversion rates than either medium. Because it attains the serious enquiries and you are assured at every call there has to be a genuine sales potential. Because it provides an immediate response to their calls, you can take action to ensure that potential is realised.

Cost Savings : Because your telephone system is hosted in the cloud, there is no need for any equipment to be in your office which can be costly to install and maintain. There is no capital expenditure required as the only physical equipment you need is often just handsets and a router. You also have control of how you want the hosted telephone system to work for your business by accessing the web portal to make any changes. This saves you having to book costly engineering time to program your system.
Scalability : With hosted telephony you can simply add or remove users and features as and when you need them, this way you only ever pay for the services that you use. This is great if you are a start-up business or SME as the costs are low as you pay per user and as your business grows you just add users onto the system. Equally if you are scaling back your business then you just remove users as required.
Technology : All system and software upgrades are deployed through automatic updates which means you are always using the latest technology without any disruptive and costly visits from engineers.
Disaster Recovery : With Cloud Telephony you can easily get up and running in the event of a disaster. By logging into the portal you can quickly divert calls to mobiles so that your customers can still contact you and you can contact them. This keeps your business up and running at the click of a button.
Mobility : You can benefit from feature rich mobile integration. Remote workers have access to the full feature set of the hosted telephone system on their mobile phones, regardless of their location. It also makes it a lot easier for your customers to contact you as your telephone number would ring your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously.