Inbound Call Center Solutions

Inbound Call Center Solutions.

Nowadays, call centers have become a crucial support channel for almost all organizations. The services offered by these can help any business to ask their clients questions, solve simple problems, collect information and perform routine transactions in a profitable and secure way. The call centers also help to improve sales and carry out cross sales, both for products and services. Since call centers have a very important role for today's businesses, it is imperative for any organization to invest in professional administrative solutions for call centers. An efficient call center will help satisfy customers and increase their profits.

Advantages of hiring IVR Services:

● Multi Side: Allows you to have agents in multiple locations.
● Response time in the implementation: Immediate. No physical installation or purchase of equipment in the Cloud.
● Cost optimization: Payment for Actual use. Without Commitment to Permanence, or High Contribution.
● Support 24/7/365: Personalized, professional and individualized attention at any time you need it.
● Flexibility: We analyze the needs of each Client to always offer "your customized solution".
● Security: From the Administrator Panel, the different levels of Security are configured.

Services provided at the IVT Technology:

● INTEGRATION With any application of the Client or third parties: CRM, ERP, etc.
● MONITORING Active Call Monitoring in real time. Monitoring of agents' status in real time.
● REPORTING Reports and detailed statistics.
● CALL RECORDING Preselected by agents / types of call or on demand.
● LISTENING, INTERVENTIONS AND INTRUSIONS Listen (Spy) Listen with Unilateral Intervention to the Agent (Spy with Whisper) Intrusion in the Call (Call Intrusion).