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Interactice Voice Response System

  • Virtual Phone Number 
  • B2B Lead Generation 
  • Employee Tracking System 
  • Customer Lead Management 
  • Lead Identification 
  • Lead Grading 
  • Lead Distribution 
  • Lead Nurturing 

Lead Capture Software

Whenever there is a requisition of finding enormous information about Lead Capture, IVR Guru plays a very crucial role. Lead Capturing is the procedure of providing precise direction and accurate information to the buyers concerning what they are searching for. Lead Capturing is also known as a Landing Web Pages Mechanism of Lead Capture Forms is � Clients basic information, Query and Submission Button. Steps of Lead Capture Page -

  • Aim campaign goal as well as market and characterize them.
  • A pertinent remuneration must be created and defined.
  • A heading must be created to counterpart ad source.
  • Paragraphs mentioned should be squat and evocative.
  • Image/Video is essential.
  • Call to Act must be described precisely.
  • Capture leads online via Web-to-lead form and manage efficiently in IVRGuru.
  • Sponsor quicker sales Lead Distribution through the lead transfer rules.
  • Sanction leads to next phase based on the information captured in lead information.


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