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Interactice Voice Response System

  • Virtual Phone Number 
  • B2B Lead Generation 
  • Employee Tracking System 
  • Customer Lead Management 
  • Lead Identification 
  • Lead Grading 
  • Lead Distribution 
  • Lead Nurturing 

Lead Capture Software

IVR Guru is lead capture software that facilitate you to collect information and evaluate how many calls are being received and made for your organization. Through the lead capture software you contact to your prospective clients who visit your website which is useful for you follow up with them rapidly and efficiently. Lead capture software is a kind of software that is necessary for all companies, because lead capture tool not only capture leads but also gives you a setup of tools to control your business leads. It is obligatory to survey the trends for building successful system to produce more revenues and ROI. Whenever lead providers wants to send leads via email or by online promotion that time you are facing more problems to manage same leads. But if you have IVR Guru- lead capture software then no questions on similar problems. We offer email parsing service, in this system your sales leads flow into the IVR Guru software in real time, automatically so that our software can tell that �You have received a Lead�


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